Created during the IDEO: Design Methods workshop organized at the Aalto University in Helsinki, Finland in the Summer of 2003, Design in the Dark is a kit intended as a design method or tool during the design process when designing for the visually impaired individuals.

After shadowing and living two days with a visually impaired person in Helsinki Finland, I’ve come to realize that I (and perhaps many of us) may look down at visually impaired people – yet fail to recognize that their way of perceiving information is simply differently than ours. And although different, it doesn’t mean deprived of beauty. Design in the Dark is a video emphasizing the world of the visually impaired, by understanding that their experience presents herself with a visual beauty which we fail to comprehend, and audio acuity which presents in increased orientation through space. Lean back, immerse and imagine this as being your own journey to the office, school or home every day. And when designing for them, factor these aspects and open yourself to discovery: instead a limited world – an immensely different and inspiring world.