Travel Pod addresses the lack of comfort and ergonomics in airports or train stations.
Destined to offer a recharge both for the laptop and the traveler, Travel Pod offers an ergonomic seating placed in a semi-private enclosing. The frosted cover offers visual privacy and noise cancellation, while providing airport security with some visibility of the inside activity.

The Pod has a pivoting, height-adjustable tray which allows users to work in the most comfortable position possible. The tray features built-in Internet access and power outlets, a recessed storage nook for cords and power supplies, palm rest, and an adjustable mousing platform to accommodate left- or right-handed users. Additional features include a built-in adjustable task light to illuminate reading materials, and convenient luggage storage space beneath the seat.

Travel Pod was presented at the International Contemporary Furniture Fair 2007 in New York.
Frame Magazine selected 'Travel Pod' as their third choice in their top-tier products.